Garuda Indonesia to Open Flights Serving Papua


Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – Garuda Indonesia will open new flight routes serving small cities in Papua.

Garuda sales and marketing manager in Jayapura Agunga Anugrah said the new routes would allow businessmen and government officials to travel more easily.

The communication between Garuda and the government continues intensely including with one of the regent in the mountainous region.

“So far the communication with the government is still going on, even recently there is a discussion with Yakuhimo regent for opening the route to Dekai, Yakuhimo, but it is merely a plan,” he said when met in Jayapura on Wednesday (03/25/2015).

He further said, Garuda Indonesia in choosing a flight route does not put the economic aspect first.


“Our decision to open flights are not solely based on market demand, the first thing to consider is the safety factor, then after the security aspect, and the last is a potential market. The third aspect that it is okay, then we can fly, “he said.

Garuda Indonesia is interested to open a flight route from Jayapura-Wamena, only because of technical factors such as the safety that makes it still can not be realized. (*)

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