Mama Ema Magal gave her speech in a demonstration to close Freeport in Timika March 20th 2017 - supplied

On the future of Freeport, MAI insisted: “close it, audit then talks”


Press conference of Independent Indigenous Peoples (MAI) at LBH Jakarta, 2nd April 2017, Ronny Nakiaya (L), Nico Kanungguk (M), Adolfina Kuum (R) – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Independent Indigenous Peoples (MAI) representing the Amungme and Kamoro tribes still assert its position demanding PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) to be closed  and audited. For them it is a requirement to discuss the future of PT FI.

“Our position is clear; do not talk about divestment, etc. Close Freeport, audit the wealth, and audit the entire company, only then tripartite negotiation or other forms is possible. The audit should also be conducted by an international audit team,” said Ronny Nakiaya MAI spokesman to Jubi, Sunday (04/02/2017) after a press conference at the Office of the Legal Aid Institute (LBH), Jakarta.

That is also their response concerning the approval of PT. Freeport to change its status from Contract of Work (KK) into a Special Mining Business License (IUPK) as required by the GOI if Freeport wants to resume exports of concentrates.

For the MAI, the approval does not change much because since the beginning they were not being involved to discuss the future of the company.


Mama Ema Magal gave her speech in a demonstration to close Freeport in Timika March 20th 2017 – supplied

“We are victims, why is the government (local and central) never seeing the problems we experienced and facilitate talk, everyone has their own interest. The real problem is there are no solutions to the grassroots, “he said.

In the history of investment of PT. Freeport Indonesia, pros and cons of various interests always apparent.

The interests represent central government, local government, indigenous institutions, indigenous Amungme and Kamoro, and groups of students and intellectual movement.

Early March, one of the figure of Kamoro in Mimika who are victims of Freeport’s tailings, Mathea Mamoyau told Jubi that all parties in Papua devided when they talk about Freeport.

The Secretary of First Commission of Papua House Representative said, all components should sit together to make a decision.

According to her, firs and foremost perception need to be integrated. “Then to meet central government to discuss the points that must be accommodated in the interests of Papuans.”

7th April Protest Action

Following simultaneous actions to ‘Close Freeport’ on March 20, groups of students and intellectuals as well as the Independent Indigenous Peoples (MAI) will again go to streety on 7th April to demand Freeport to be closed, audit, and then the future of its operation determine by the indigenous peoples themselves.

April 7th is the day of 50 years since the first Contract of Work of PT. Freeport Indonesia been signed with the Indonesian government in 1967.

Protest action in Jayapura March 20th to close Freeport – Supplied

“For the grassroots will no longer be the victim of a compromise with PT Freeport Indonesia, because we want to become masters in our land of West Papua,” said Ronny Nakiaya.

The demonstration was supported by Indonesia People’s Front for West Papua (FRI West Papua), Alliance of Papuan Students (AMP), and the United Front of Students to Close Freeport across several provinces in Indonesia.(*)

Reporter: Zely Ariane

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