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Fund Sharing Not Improving Public Welfare in Papua

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Jayapura, Jubi – The management of special autonomy funds has not brought prosperity to Papuan people, a local legislator said, urging the provincial government to take over it.

“Return it and let the provincial government manage the special autonomy funds, because so far it’s not been well-managed and become a prolonged polemic,” said the chairman of Hanura Fraction of the Papua Legislative Council, Yan Mandenas, in Jayapura on Tuesday (23/2/2016).

He said the use of special autonomy funds has been in the spotlight because it has not yet improved the lot of Papuans as the management is delegated to regional/municipal governments.

The allocation of 80 percent of fund by regional/municipal governments supposed to improve the community’s welfare but the otherwise was occurred. Therefore an evaluation is needed and it should return to provincial government.


“Hanura Fraction is ready to be an initiator of returning the management of special autonomy fund to provincial government because these allocated budgets at least could provide a free education and health services for Papuan people,” said the Councilor Mandenas who’s also Chairman of Hanura Papua.

According to him, the governor has taken a right action by conducting monitoring and evaluation, but without reaching the community in its implementation, it should return to the provincial government because the portion 80:20 percent is not significant to improve the community’s welfare. “Through the special autonomy fund, people are supposed to get free education and health services,” he said. (*/rom)

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