A fuel kiosk in Mulia, Puncak Jaya - Jubi/Roy Ratumakin

Fuel Prices at Puncak Jaya Fixed

A fuel kiosk in Mulia, Puncak Jaya - Jubi/Roy Ratumakin

A fuel kiosk in Mulia, Puncak Jaya – Jubi/Roy Ratumakin

Jayapura, Jubi – Fuel prices at Puncak Jaya, including kerosene, gasoline and diesel have been fixed at Rp 30,000.

But the high price doesn’t affect the fuel purchase and residents continue to buy from the vendors.

“Although it’s expensive, it doesn’t affect them because the supplies are always ready,” said Parijan who sells the fuel in Mulia City told Jubi a few days ago.

He said the fuel price has been standardized due to cost of transportation from distributor to Wamen City and other cities is expensive, it’s done by air transportation.


“The transportation cost is expensive. For other commodities such as instant noodles, cigarettes and other goods, the prices might not different with other regions, but for fuel, it is higher,” he said.

The gasoline and diesel stocks are usually ready in three or four days in a time.

“We also distribute the fuel to the residents fairly. One consumer was given 20 litters ransom of gasoline and diesel, while 10 liters for kerosene for one consumer,” he said. It is to avoid the jealousy among residents.

“Now many residents have motorcycles. The fuel consumption for both motorcycle and car is the same. No specialty in fuel distribution,” he said.

Mulia resident Markus Wonda told he and local residents need the fuel.

“The fuel is fairly distributed here, so those who want to purchase the fuel feel it’s not difficult to get it. Because each person is allowed to buy 20 litters of gasoline or diesel, and 10 litters of kerosene,” he said.

However, Markus said, her rarely buy gasoline.

“I rarely use my vehicle. I use it only for going to the market or farm. Other than that I choose to just walk,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

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