Haze in Sumatra - Suplied

From Sumatera, Haze Shift to Manokwari

Haze in Sumatra - Suplied

Haze in Sumatra – Suplied

Manokwari, Jubi – Haze has blanketed the city of Manokwari, West Papua province, since Thursday (23/09/2015).

The head of the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of Rendani Station, Deni Putiray said smog that blanketed Manokwari was apparently due to fires that occurred in forest in Moluccas, Papua and Papua West.

“From the pictures taken from BMKG satellite, there are some hotspots in the province of Maluku, West Papua and Papua. Fog is probably derived from the fire, “he said in Manokwari, on last week.

He added, it appears there are some hotspots in Southeast Moluccas, Fak-Fak regency and Bintuni Bay, West Papua province; as well as in Merauke, Papua province.
“In Fak-Fak, approximately there are five hotspots, in Bintuni Bay, there are two points. Most are in Merauke, “he said again.


He explained that since the past few days, the wind moved from the southeast and south, so that the haze was predicted come from two directions.

According to him, this haze did not just blanket Manokwari but also other areas both in Papua and West Papua.
“I do not know, what is the impact to human. Definitely, the haze interferes with visibility, both vertically and horizontally,” he added. (*)

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