Freeport workers while hold the demonstration (Jubi)


Freeport workers while hold the demonstration (Jubi)

Freeport workers while hold the demonstration (Jubi)

Jayapura, 7/1 ( Jubi) – About 1,500 workers of PT. reeport Indonesia rallies to reject the application of Law No.4 of 2009 on Minerals and Coal Mining.

The workers coordinated by the Branch Executive Council ( DPC), Labor Union – Chemical,Energy,and Mining ( SP-KEP), Indonesian Labor Union ( SPSI) in Mimika started their rally from DPC and SPSI Secretariat location, Monday morning ( 6/1). Then, around 09.00 am ( Eastern Time Zone), the workers marched to Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) Office in Mimika. The Workers carried Keranda / casket, banners, and pamphlets denounced the policy of the 2009 Minerals and Mining Law  that could lead to layoffs of thousands of workers.

After long oration at DPRD Office, representatives of workers of PT Freeport Indonesia met the chairman of Mimika Legislative Council (DPRD) in the meeting room.

Virgo Salossa, Chairman of SP-KEP, SPSI – Mimika Regancy said that in the meeting between representatives of workers and DPRP Mimika, the two parties agreed that government need to impose stop export.
” The main message that we comply on 12 January’s agreement which was decided by government to stop the export of mine. But if the government stops the export,it will cause a decrease in exports and layoffs. So, in this case, we asked the House of Representatives to make no layoffs and we also asked the Legislator to give reccomendation to the House of Representatives and Central Government so that Freeport can still do export. That’s the decision with the Legislators. ” said Virgo Salossa.


Virgo continued, Freeport’s Workers will rally again with around 6,000 gold mining workers all over Indonesia in Jakarta on January. Furthermore, we (the representatives and Mimika’s Legislators) will convey the recommendation.

Karel Gwijangge, vice chairman of DPRD Mimika said that demonstrations related to the Mining Law is the second action. Karel also admitted that he had sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Indonesia to review the application of the Mining Law. “This is the second demo after workers at Freeport’s Papuan customary land owners and the community, and Papuan Brotherhood conveyed the same aspirations.” said Karel. (Jubi / Eveert Joumilena/ Tina)

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