Thomas Wanmang (Jubi)


Thomas Wanmang (Jubi)

Thomas Wanmang (Jubi)

Timika , 3/3 ( Jubi ) – The chairman of  Amungsa Amung Negelem Jaya Cooperative ( UB – AAJ ), Thomas Wanmang, has questioned the existence of PT Plasma Usaha Mitra Selaras ( PUMS ) as a local commodity supplier.

The existence of PT PUMS  is hurting the owners of customary land of PT Freeoport area. “Therefore, PT PUMS must immediately end its operation as a supplier of local commodities to PT Sari Utama ( a contractor for PT Freeport Indonesia ),” Wanmang told tabloidjubi in Timika on Monday (3/3).

“It is also detrimental to both Papuan farmers and other farmers in Mimika,” he said.

He then added PT Freeport’s decision to appoint PT PUMs has violated a collective agreement with Amungme and Kamoro people.
“It is clearly stated in the agreement in January 1974 and the MoU of 2000 as well as several other treaties and agreements,” said Wanmang, who is also the head of the socio-economics bureau at the Amungme – Komoro Community Development Institute.


Conflicts arise because farmers’s crops have been used by certain people for their own profits and  many people are jobless because PT Pangan Sari receive finished product income from PT PUMS.

Therefore, PT Freeport management should immediately review the presence of PT PUMS in Timika . ” This act meant that our rights as local indigenous peoples have been denied or stolen,” he said.
“We are all Indonesian citizens, but still, it is necessary to know that when you are in an indigenous people territory, the indigenous people are the actors who play important roles in terms of culture and customs on their land, ” he said.

Wanmang said he has sent a letter to PT PUMS to seek clarification about its presence in Mimika.

Tom Beanal as Torei Negel with Dominicus Mitoro as Vice Chairman of Amungme – Komoro Community Development Institute, said on behalf of  Amungme and Kamoro people, he will take firm action if the warning for PT PUMS to cease activities is not heeded .
“Amungme and Kamoro people will take action to stop the activities of PT PUMS. Its presence has hurt us, the land owners ” said Tom and Dominicus in a letter dated September 20, 2013. ( Jubi / Eveerth/Tina)

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