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Freeport Islamic Foundation to Build Boarding School in Mimika

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Timika, Jubi – The Muslim Community Foundation (YMM) of PT. Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) plans to build a modern Islamic boarding school and community empowerment center in Mimika, a foundation official.

The construction site would be located in Kampung Asri (SP5) that would be devoted to disadvantaged children, said chairman of the Zakat Collection Institute (LAZ) board for Community Empowerment of YMM lowland area, Yayan Taryana.

Yayan said currently YMM has seven hectares of land located in SP5 that intended for the construction of an Islamic school.

This week the foundation has begun clearing and preparing the location to build the prospect school consisting of kindergarten to polytechnic. “Actually this modern Islamic boarding school has been planning for long time ago, but it just could be implemented this year,” said Yayan Taryana in Timika on Tuesday (30/6/2015).


Of the seven hectares of land, only four hectares would be used for the boarding school, gym including swimming pool, football yard, multipurpose building and shopping center. “This modern boarding school would have support facilities such as gym and shopping center,” he said.

According to him, although the school would be devoted to deprived children but there are possibility for prosperous children to study at the modern Islamic boarding school. “There will be a cross-subsidy, therefore the wealthy children could cover the cost for the unfortunate children,” he said.

He further explained the foundation has a standard in categorizing the mustahiq or deprived group that is those who have a monthly income of 600 thousand rupiah or under the Regional Minimum Salary (UMR). “We will conduct a survey to applicants to avoid fraud and mistakes,” he said.

However, he admitted the foundation is not able to ensure the completion of this construction because they must still calculate the budget availability. “The construction work has been started for the first stage, so we targeted it would be completed in 2016,” he said.

Meanwhile, he could not reveal about the total estimated budget. But for the first stage, he said the foundation allocated 1.4 billion for the early stage to build the school, boardinghouse, teachers and janitor houses. It’s all from the community supporting funds through LAZ,” he said.

A Mimika resident, Husyen admitted this commitment could provide services and education of Islamic boarding school that improve the human resources. (Eveerth Joumilena/rom)

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