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Freeport is a Nightmare for Papuans

Ilustration (IST)

Ilustration (IST)

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Legislative Council (DPRP)’s speaker said the presence of PT Freeport Indonesia has created a lot of problems in the province and has not benefited native Papuans significantly.

House Speaker of DPRP Yunus Wonda said Freeport has been destroying the economy of indigenous Papuans, damaging thousands of hectares of indigenous land and causing the native Papuans to suffer.

“Freeport’s presence in Papua does not solve anything. It actually leaves a lot of problems in this land, These have shown that Freeport does not change” Yunus Wonda said last weekend.

According to him, Freeport does not have a serious intention to build Papua and Papuans, it only focuses on how to exploit Papua’s natural wealth for the benefit.
“Freeport’s new president has said, the discussion of the work contract should not be delayed because it would impact on the people of Papua. Stop saying things in the name of Papuans and stop selling Papuans. What has Freeport done for Papuans? “he questioned.


He further said It is no problem if Freeport is closed as its impact is for other people and not for the people of Papuans.
“Currently the issue of Freeport’s contract work extension is becoming hotly discussed and the Jakarta people are busy to discuss it while the mine is operating in Papua. If you think Papua is a part of Indonesia, the Papuan government should be engaged in that discussion. Oddly, DPRP or Governor of Papua did not get involved, “he said.

PT Freeport is in Papua and not in Java that the Papua provincial government and indigenous customary owners should get involved.
“Not because during this time Freeport supports Persipura so it thinks it has built Papua. Actually, It is too small to build Papua, “he added. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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