Freeport's workers at mining site in Timika -

Freeport Accused of Obstructing Jobs for Ex-Contract Workers  

Freeport's workers at mining site in Timika -

Freeport’s workers at mining site in Timika –

Jayapura, Jubi – PT Freeport Indonesia has been accused of making it difficult for 125 former workers to gain employment elsewhere after its sub-contractor PT Redpath unilaterally terminated their contracts.

Working Committee Chairman on the Redpath case of the Papua Legislative Council Wilhelmus Pigai said Freeport’s Senior Vice President Underground and Senior Vice President Contracting allegedly slandered the ex-workers by sending email and photographs to all company divisions as well as subcontractor companies urging them not to recruit them, labelling them agitators.

“Email was sent after 125 workers were fired by PT. Redpath in the last mid-year. The termination of contract was the impact of a strike involving 500 workers who demanded their bonuses be paid after working while thousands of Freeport’s workers were on the strike in the late 2014,” said Pigai to Jubi on Monday (20/6/2016).

According to him, the action taken by two Freeport’s senior officers CZ and GAB could be categorized as defamation. Representative of ex-workers has reported the case to the police by November 2015. He wanted the local police to process the report.


“There is two points needs to be confirmed, the report to the police and resolution of termination of contract by PT. Redpath. It must be solved immediately.  Alleged defamation against the ex-workers could be categorized as crime,” he said.

He further said many parties have tried to mediate the conflict between PT. Redpath and the workers whose contract was terminated but nothing’s achieved. In fact, the working committee has delivered this issue to the Directorate General of Industrial Relations and Employment Social Protection of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower in Jakarta.

“In a letter from the Legal Director of PT. Redpath Kemasjah Siregar to Mimika Regent, he said the workers’ strike demanding the bonus was not right, while it was illegal as well. So, we pushed this problem to be solved according to the Law No.2/2014 on the Settlement of Industrial Relations Dispute,” he said.

Meanwhile the Working Committee Chairman Deputy Decky Nawipa said the workers were demanding their rights when they were on the strike. They have worked on the company’s demand. “The company seems have not good intention. So, the government must act to not let the company behaves haphazardly,” said Nawipa. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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