A village in Siriwo district (Jubi)


A village in Siriwo district (Jubi)

A village in Siriwo district (Jubi)

Jayapura, 24/2 (Jubi) – Test results for 80 Siriwo residents have revealed that four cases of them are infected with HIV- AIDS.

“It is worrying to find out that even in an isolated area like  Siriwo region, HIV – AIDS exists. It is a bad sign, although all residents have not conducted a medical check – up ” said Hanok Herison, director of Community Welfare Development Foundation (YAPKEMA) in Paniai on Monday afternoon (2/24).

The government must come up with a strategic plan to fight the spread of HIV- AIDS and discrimination and stigma on the patients, Hanok wrote to Tabloidjubi.com.
“We have to prevent the epidemic. The degradation of a number of small clans that exist in remote area such as Siriwo, Sukikai, Dumadama, Bogobaida, and Menou is real. We cannot let the epidemic grow,” he stressed
YAPKEMA reported based on its findings that the growing epidemic is hard to avoid because communities lack of basic knowledge about the danger of HIV- AIDS. The dissemination of information about this deadly virus is very low.

He added that people will be more cautious if they have enough knowledge on HIV/ AIDS but people who live in remote areas are extremely vulnerable to the disease.


Although, the Paniai AIDS Prevention Commission (KPAD) has not released the findings of HIV cases in the District Siriwo, the Health department  of Pania regency will continue to administer tests for HIV- AIDS in that area this year, said Robby Kayame, the head of the Paniai Health department. The tests started in August.
“There are several programs that will be implemented in 2014. One of them is mass examinations and free of medical treatment in the villages, “said Kayame.

The population of Siriwo district is more than 8,000 people, living in three villages –  Menau, Kotu, and Dadau.

The villages are hard to reach because they are located on the flanks of the mountains. If villagers want to go Dogiyai, Paniai or Nabire, they must walk via Trans Papua road , Nabire – Paniai for days. There is also a bridge made of rattan measuring approximately 40 meters. After arriving at KM 145 or KM 131, then they can wait for a car to take them to Dogiyai, Paniai or Nabire. (Jubi / Mark You/ Tina)

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