Papua police chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian (JUBI)


Papua police chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian (JUBI)

Papua police chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian (JUBI)

Merauke, 7/3 (Jubi) – Papua Police Chief, Inspector General (Pol) Tito Karnavian claimed there are four vulnerable regencies in the upcoming legislative election on April 9.

“These regencies are Puncak Jaya, Mimika, Sarmi and Yapen,” he said to reporters at the Mopah Airport VIP room in Merauke, Papua on Friday (7/3).

He stated that in Puncak Jaya region, there is still an interference from armed groups, yet lately it has been rather quiet.

While in Timika, potential vulnerability is a tribal warfare and the implementation of second election. And there are still some armed groups in Yapen. “We always strive to use a persuasive approach to the armed group, but police’s weapons are seized. So the legal procedure is still run as usual, “he said.


The other issue is there is no General Election Commission ( KPU) in Sarmi regency whereas the campaign activities will be begun in March 16, 2014.
“I’ve spoken with the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe related to this issue and there are members assigned to talk with the Papua Provincial Election Commission to immediately take a decision, “he said.

However, specifically in Merauke regency, he is optimistic that the situation is still relatively safe due to government and community’s support.

Separately, Chairman of KPU Merauke, Anthony Kaize said, preparations are being made, including the peaceful campaign plan that will involve all parties.
“Yes, of course we all want and hope that the implementation of the campaign until the election will run  safely and smoothly,” he said. (Jubi / Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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