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Four identified patients under surveillance of Covid-19 in Papua


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Jayapura, Jubi – Four people are named patients under surveillance of Covid-19 in Papua and currently getting medical treatment at local public hospitals in Merauke, Jayapura and Biak.

Concerning this, Jayapura Mayor asks residents to not being panic. Meanwhile, Merauke Regional People’s Representatives conducted a closed meeting to discuss the coronavirus issue.

“The patients are now under surveillance of health authority. Besides of having fever, cough and cold, they just returned from outside Papua,” the Secretary of Papua Health Office Dr Silvanus Sumule says on Tuesday (17/3/2020).

Furthermore, he says the medical testing samples of the four patients scheduled to send to the Research and Development Agency of Health Ministry in Jakarta today (17/3/2020) for further examination. The patients currently treated at Merauke Public Hospital are males of 46 and 51 years old, while a patient treated in Jayapura Public Hospital is a 45 or 46 years old man.


“Meanwhile, the patient in Biak Public Hospital is a young man of 21 years old,” Sumule adds.

However, he admits that he does not know the exact number of people under surveillance of Covid-19 in Papua as he is still waiting for the official report from the relevant local health offices.

At the moment, the local health authority in Biak states that the patient under surveillance treated in Biak Public Hospital so far has not been infected and is under medical treatment in the hospital’s isolation room.

In the meantime, Biak Numfor Regent Herry Ario Naap in a press release states the suspected Covid-19 patient in Biak is a resident of Bandung, West Java. Moreover, he says the medical staffs of Biak Public Hospital had taken any necessary medical procedure to take care of the patient.

“The point is the local government has promptly responded to this issue. We have published announcement and established a team to conduct a surveillance action,” says Naap in the press release received by Jubi on Monday (16/3/2020).

Meanwhile, the Director of Biak Public Hospital Dr Ricardo Mayor says the patient in Biak was a ship passenger departed from Jakarta and arrived in Biak on Thursday (12/3/2020).

“He departed from Jakarta to Biak by KM Ciremai and arrived on 12 March. He entered the emergency room at around 18.30 Papua time and got medical treatment immediately. Based on the examination, the patient needs to put under surveillance,” says the mayor in the government’s release.

Furthermore, he says the patient had clinical symptom resembled those who infected by the coronavirus. However, he asserts that the initial examination will approve after the result of laboratory testing.

“To ensued whether the patient is positive of having the coronavirus, it should go through the laboratory testing. The sample would send to Jakarta,” says Mayor Naap. (*)



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