Teacher in West Papua - Jubi

Four Contract Teachers Assigned Back to Yeraha Village

Teacher in West Papua - Jubi

Teacher in West Papua – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – Four contract teachers who have received a letter of assignment from the Department of Education in Merauke refused to work at a public elementary school Yeraha, Tabonji district and chose to teach at the Catholic elementary school SD YPPK Suam instead.

The head of Yeraha village, Eliandar Kabu on Tuesday (18/08/2015), said that since their assignment letters were issued, the teachers had not taught SDN Yeraha.
“I do not know what their reasons are that they choose to live and teach in Suam village,” he said.

As a result, teaching and learning activities in the school are not going well. Students go home and follow their parents into the forest in search of food.
“I asked head of Education and Teaching to conduct evaluation of contract teachers in remote areas as many do not carry out the duties as usual,” he added

He admitted due to the topography of the remote area and the expensiveness of renting a speedboat, makes them refuse to go.
“Yes, this should also be a consideration by Merauke regency that allocate the budget in greater numbers for teachers who want to carry out teaching duties in the interior,” he said.


One community leaders of Kimaam, Soter Kamiawi recognized that teaching and learning activities in rural areas are running in place. “Yes, this is the reality of teaching and learning activities in the villages that mostly inhabited by indigenous people of Papua. Teachers prefer to teach in town for various reasons, “Soter added. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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