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Forming team is common, we need Papua rights case resolved: Lawmaker


Jayapura, Jubi –Lawmaker of the Papua Legislative Council’s Commission for Political Administration, Law, and Human Rights Laurenzus Kadepa said that the state must prove its commitment to resolving alleged gross human rights violations in Papua’s Paniai Regency on December 7 and 8, 2014. Despite the Attorney General’s Office having recently formed a team of investigators, Kadepa said, such an initiative was not a guarantee to resolve the case unless it was taken to court immediately.

Previously on Friday, December 3, 2021, the AGO established an investigative team consisting of 22 prosecutors to probe the Paniai incident.

“To me, forming a team is already a common practice, has been done so often. What we need is for the government to be serious in resolving Papua human rights case,” Kadepa told Jubi on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

He appreciated the establishment of a team of investigators by the AGO and considered it a positive step toward giving a sense of justice to the victims and their families. But on the other hand, Kadepa said, victims and families of victims were waiting for true justice.

“Is this team really trying to solve cases, or is it just trying to build a positive image? As we know, Papua has been in the spotlight recently with the armed conflicts and other problems that occurred,” he said.


Meanwhile, the head of the Papua office of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM), Frits Ramandey, hoped that the handling of the case by the AGO team would be carried out transparently. “They must be transparent and accountable in doing their work to show the Papuan people that the state is committed to resolving human rights cases in Papua,” said Ramandey.

The resolution of the Paniai incident, Ramandey added, would show the international community that the Indonesian government, as a country that was part of the international human rights mechanism, highly respected human rights. (*)

Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Edho Sinaga

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