Otavio Dutra (Jubi)

Persipura’s former defender will be the most expensive defender in ISL

Otavio Dutra (Jubi)

Otavio Dutra (Jubi)

Jayapura , 31/12 ( Jubi ) – Persipura’s former defender from Brazil , Otavio Dutra will be the most expensive defender in the Indonesian Super League (ISL).

After leaving Persipura, Dutra reportedly docked to one of the ISL clubs , Persegres Gresik with a contract value pretty fantastic. As written by ISL’s official Facebook, Dutra will be contracted Rp . 2 billion for one season . This contract made this Brazilian as the most expensive defender in the ISL.

Chairman of Persegres Gresik, Sambari Radianto Halim said Dutra’s contract being expensive because of his agent. “Otavio Dutra’s contract is expensive . It can not be separated from the role of his agent, Eko Subekti,” said Sambari .

After leave the ‘Black Pearl’ , a number of ISL clubs want to  use the Brazilian skills. But the high price of the contract offered has made these clubs, like Mitra Kukar and Sriwijaya FC withdrew from the competition to get the Brazilian footballer . Persebaya had bid USD 1.5 billion , but the price was rejected by Dutra’s agent.


Persipura’s manager, Rudy Maswi reveals the reasons why Persipura let Otavio Dutra go. Sumber Makmur ‘s boss said Persipura did not renew Dutra’s contract because Dutra asked for a higher contract than last season.

” Dutra is very good player. He scored 10 goals for Persipura in last season. But his demand for a new contract is too expensive for us. It has forced us to let him go,” said Rudy maswi .

According to Maswi, no extension of Dutra’s contract has made Persipura could add two Papuans footballers, the former Persidafon, Andri Ibo and former Persita Tangerang , Dominggus Fakdawer.

” This is one of Persipura’s commitment to empower Papuan footballers. Contract for Ibo and Fakdawer is smaller than Dutra, but the quality is very good and no less than Dutra. Just how we rub it,” said Maswi . (Jubi/Arjuna/Victor Mambor)

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