Family of Frans Mahuse (Jubi)


Family of Frans Mahuse (Jubi)

Family of Frans Mahuse (Jubi)West Papua

Merauke, Jubi (13/2) – Frans Mahuze, a former SEA Games javelin throw gold medalist from Papua, died on Wednesday ( 2/12) of suspected heart attack. He was 51 years old.

Mahuze was one of the country’s best javelin throwers with national and international medals under his belt. But despite his achievements, he did not get the recognition and appreciation he deserved from both the central and local governments.

Hendrikus Henky Ndiken, a relative, told on Thursday (2/13) Mahuze had devoted his life to Indonesia in the field of tracks and fields.
“The deceased has not  only won gold medals at the national level, but also at the Southeast Asian level,” said Hendrikus said.

Even in his death, almost none of government officials came to pay their last respects and condole the family.
“Friends from journalists could see that none of government officials came. It is something that is very ironic. The service of the deceased is not appreciated at all,” he said.


Mahuze won a gold medal at the 1981 National Games, breaking the national record for javelin throw. He went on to win gold medals in the next three editions of the National Games. He snatched two gold medals and a silver in three editions of the SEA Games.

He retired after failing to win gold at the 15th National Games.  .

Mahuze’s widow, Inesiensi, said he was carrying wood to be used to repair a broken bridge in front of the family’s house when he fell and died suddenly.
“The wood was about to be raised to the top of the car, he suddenly fell and one of the family screamed that father had died,” said Inesiensi.

“When the incident happened, I was opening the car to come and help to raise timber. He had had heart problems when he was a member of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) Merauke 2004-2009 period,” she said.

In December, doctor advised him  to take a lot of rest and not to carry heavy loads, but ignored the warning.
“I had reminded him continuously yet he did not listen and still worked,” she said.

She criticized the government for not paying attention to him when he was still alive. Even Merauke regency was indifferent. “Yesterday someone form the regency came here and handed over funeral money of Rp 5 million,” she said. (Jubi / Frans Kobun/ Tina)

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