Victor Pulanda, former Persipura defender while undergoing treatment at RS Dian Harapan after being wounded by gunfire on the incident in front of Makorem 172 / PWY, Jayapura, Thursday (May 25) - Jubi/Abeth You

Former defender of Persipura was shot in an incident at Makorem 172/PWY Jayapura


Victor Pulanda, former Persipura defender while undergoing treatment at RS Dian Harapan after being wounded by gunfire on the incident in front of Makorem 172 / PWY, Jayapura, Thursday (May 25) – Jubi/Abeth You

Jayapura, Jubi – Victor Pulanda, former defender of Persipura was one of the victims of security forces fired at the incident in front of Rayon military command (Makorem) 172 / PWY headquarters in Jayapura, Thursday (May 25).

Yohana, a witness said before the shooting took place, the mob threw stones at the Makorem because a member of the TNI who allegedly burned the Bible was staying inside. The crowds have gathered in front of Makorem since noon, after hearing information about the burning of Bible rumours.

The masses also blocked Abepura – Padang Bulan – Waena road segment.

“Masses and the soldiers are throwing stones to each other. And probably because one of the soldiers got hit, the people standing there (in front of Makorem) were disbanded by the security forces. There are a Panzer come out of Makorem,” said Yohana.


After the Panzer move forward to the crowd direction, all residents in front of Makorem running around to Jalan Sosial, Perumnas IV.

That was when the gunshot heard. “The shootings were upward but also down, that they shoot in the direction of the running masses,” she said.

That was the time when she saw Victor Pulanda fell. For some reason, she did not know who was a guy who collapses. Then she knew after she approached that he was Victor Pulanda, with blood on his shoulder. So she immediately shouted for help to from people in Nabire Student Dormitory.

Then Victor was immediately taken to Dian Harapan Hospital. “So he got shot in his right back shoulder,” said Yohana.

To Jubi, Victor Pulanda himself admitted that he was on location and came out of the house to look of what happen when smokes from burning tires spread in the location where he live not very far. He also wants to look for both his children there.

“I went up to the road because someone said there was a community action in front of Makorem Padang Bulan. At the same time I am looking for my two children who go to the crowd too,” he said.

When he saw the protesting community, Victor said he sees the gun coming and there was a shot. He saw two army (TNI) soldiers in front of the gunshot firing at the running men.

“The situation was getting uneasy especially when the two soldiers fired at the people who ran,” he explained.

When he arrived in front of the Nabire Dormitory to take shelter, he felt like he was beaten with a big wood on his back. And apparently there was blood and his shirt was torn.

“My hand cramped, probably my bone hit. I don’t know. There is a young sister who then took me here (to hospital). Apparently they (soldiers) have bad intentions towards the community,” he said.

Along with Victor Pulanda, Edi Siep and Alvian Ukago was also shot by gunfire. Both were wounded in their right leg. Edi Siep was immediately rushed to Dian Harapan Hospital while Alvian Ukago was taken to Abepura Hospital.

“There are friends looking for me. After that they immediately bring me here. The army that was shooting at us. I got hit on the right foot, “said Edi

Not only civilians, Jayapura City Police Chief, AKBP Tober Sirait and his aide also became victims of mass anger. Sirait was wounded by a mob throwing rocks.

Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Kombes (Pol) A.M. Kamal said, Jayapura Police Chief, AKBP. Tober Sirait is also being treated at the Bhayangkara hospital from the throwing of the mob.

“At that time Police Chief Jayapura City and his adjutant tried to approach Makorem 172 Prajawirayapti but then they got beaten and thrown with rocks, “said Kombes (Pol) Kamal.

Regarding the alleged burning of the Bible, Regional Police Chief Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar said, there is no burning of the alleged Bible. According to him, the burning is unintentionally because an army who did it did was doing the cleaning and it was said the alleged bible was in a box of garbage.

“There is a pile of paper in the garbage bin and then burned, and it is rumored by an irresponsible person that those are bible,” explained Rafli Amar, Thursday (25 May).(*)


editor: Zely Ariane

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