Food Prices Gradually Increase


Enarotali, Jubi – Approaching Christmas and the New Year 2016, the prices of nine basic commodities at Enarotali (traditional) market, Paniai, Papua have gradually increased.

However, it is also followed by stronger consumer purchasing power.

One of the local sellers, Rosmiati (28) said although the price is gradually increased, people’s purchasing power is also increased.

“Although the price of groceries is increased, but many people come to markets for shopping,” she told Jubi at the Enarotaly market on Tuesday (22/12/2015).

She explained the price of some commodities have increased such as onion Rp 40,000 per kg, garlic Rp 40,000 per kg, cooking oil Rp 25,000 per kg, sugar Rp 15,000 per kg, orange syrup Rp 40,000 per bottle and red syrup Rp 50,000 per bottle, while the price of rice is ranging from Rp 10,000 to Rp 25,000 depends on the type of rice.


Mas Hamka who sell the chicken meat said the price of chicken meat has increased since last week, with an average increase of Rp 75,000 per head.

“Theincrease of the price of chicken meat occurs every years such as ahead to Christmas and New Year occasion. The price is ranging from Rp 75,000 for the small one to Rp 250,000 for the big one,” he said.

Mrs. Siska (34), a customer, said the price of groceries began to rise since the mid of December. “Yes, it has been increased for a week. Don’t know whether the price is getting higher or not,” Siska said.

She explained the prices usually would fall after the New Year celebration, in particular in the second week of January.

The Head of Industry, Trade and Cooperation of Paniai Regency, Yosia Degei admitted his office still conduct the price monitoring at the market. “Because the price increment is referring to the price from outside of Paniai,” said Degei. (Abeth You/rom)

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