The flood occurred in the Perumnas 1 area, Heram District, Jayapura City. This photo was taken on Friday morning at around 01:07 – Natalia for Jubi

Floods and landslides occurred in Jayapura after heavy rain


Jayapura, Jubi – A thunderstorm hit Jayapura City and its surrounding areas from Wednesday to Friday, 5-7 January, 2022, causing a number of places in Jayapura to be inundated by floods and affected by landslides.

Heavy rain throughout Thursday night until Friday morning caused the water to overflow on the Soa Siu Street, or in front of the Papua Governor’s Office.

A number of areas that have been subject to flooding were inundated as well. For example, in the office area of the Kotaraja Autonomous Complex, Perumnas 1 Area, and its surroundings.

Entrop and the Papua Trade Center (PTC) commercial and business complex were flooded. Even the South Jayapura Police Headquarters was submerged in water. The Hamadi Square area, South Jayapura District, was not spared from flooding.

a resident’s house on the outskirts of the river next to the Waena bridge almost collapsed in the flood. Jubi/Jean Bisay


Tjigombong, Kotaraja Regional Government Housing, and the Dafonsoro Street Perumnas 1 were inundated by water as high as an adult’s thigh.

Natalia, a resident of Perumnas 1, told Jubi that water overflowed from drains along the road and entered the residents’ houses. “Water overflowed on Dafonsoro Street Perumnas 1 and flooded a number of houses. The water rose as high as an adult’s thigh,” Natalia said.

Besides residential areas, a number of public facilities such as hospitals were also submerged, such as the Marthen Indey Hospital owned by the XVII Cenderawasih Military Command and the Dian Harapan Hospital.

Jubi reporter Timoteus Marthen reported that his boarding house and other houses in the Perumnas 2 area were also flooded.

a black Avanza car stuck in front of PLTD Waena. Jubi/Jean Bisay

In addition to the floods, landslides also hit a number of areas. For example, in the Dok 9 area, North Jayapura District. Jubi’s reporter saw landslides also occurring on alternative roads leading to the Jayapura Mayor’s Office, on the main road to and from Abepura in the Skyline hills, and on the main road section towards Polimak to the center of Jayapura City.

Landslides and floods also hit the Bucen Entrop area, including the South Jayapura District Office. Fallen trees were also reported at a number of places. Vehicles caught in the flood were abandoned by their owners in front of the Waena PLTD and the bridge before the Waena Indonesian Military post incline. (*)

Editor: Syam Terrajana

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