Flood Victims Face Food, Medecine Shortages

Flood in Mimika Regency (Jubi/Eveert)

Flood in Mimika Regency (Jubi/Eveert)

Timika, Jubi – Hundreds of flood victims in central Mimika district are in desperate need of food, medicines and sleeping equipment, the head of the Social Department, Gerrit Koibur, said.

He said that flood victims came from two villages namely Mioko and Aikawapuka.
“The exact number of displaced people is still not known,” he said.

“We have complete data of flood victims and the types of assistance that they need. We will immediately provide food and relocate them to a safer place “he said in Timika on Saturday (4/10).

“Currently, the relocation team is still waiting for the regent’s instruction, before relocating flood victims” he added.


Flood victims have been sheltered in  several places, including in the Atuka coast and have set up tents from tarpaulins. They include toddlers, children, adolescents, and women.

Many of them have begun to complain that children were developing diseases such as coughing, running nose, and diarrhea. “We hope the government can provide assistance to us, especially to deal with health problems ” Marthen , one of the flood victims, pleaded. (Eveerth)

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