Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe - Jubi

Flights in Papua Must Obey the Rules, Governor Says


Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe – Jubi

Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe - JubiJayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe urged airlines flying above mountainous areas of Papua to obey the rules including those on data of passengers.

“Up to now Papua province is awaiting the evacuation process done by combined team of TNI / Police and the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basernas). We hope this team will do data verification both flight’s manifest and victims who were on the plane,” Lukas Enembe said in Jayapura, on Tuesday (18/8/ 2015).

According to him, all flight companies that serve in Papua should have valid data of their passengers.
“This incident would be a reminder for all flights in Papua to not repeat this message,” he said.

In addition, governor demanded all flights that serve in Mountains region of Papua to fly before 15.00 p.m because the weather in the afternoon is not good for flying.
“Trigana ATR aircraft flew in the afternoon that actually was not right,” Enembe added.


On the same occasion, the governor expressed his grief over the aircraft accident aircraft with flight number PK YRN IL-257- Jayapura -Oksibil route that fell in Kampung Tiga, Oktabe district, Pegunungan Bintang on Sunday (16/8/2015).

20 bodies were found around 11:05 pm and at 12.45, the rescue team were able to find another 34 bodies of victims.

This was confirmed by chief of Basarnas Marshal FHB Soelistyo in Sentani on Tuesday (18/8/2015).
“At 12:42 (local time), the rescue team has managed to find 54 bodies of victims. 54 victims are now in the operating location, while another sought to be evacuated to Oksibil. The body will be transported by helicopter towards Oksibil. If the weather supports all the bodies will be taken to Jayapura, “he said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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