An aircraft of Merauke Disctrict at Mopah Airport (Jubi)


An aircraft of Merauke Disctrict at Mopah Airport (Jubi)

An aircraft of Merauke Disctrict at Mopah Airport (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi (3/2) – The government regency of Merauke also has a twin otter aircraft usually fly serving communities in remote areas such as the District Okaba, Kimaam and Ilwayab. Also to the three division districts in southern of Papua. However, when the management of PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines (MNA) stops all flights, the smaller aircraft pessenger are not operating too.

Vice-regent of Merauke, Mr. Sunarjo,S.Sos meet by encountered in the local parliament office on Monday (2/3) admitted that It had already communicate with pilots who operate aircraft twin otter belongs to the community and Merauke government to be able to operate again. So that people in rural areas, can be referred to using aircraft to the destination.
“I must admit that the flying into the inland areas in recent weeks paralyzed. Because the pilots that usually operate small aircraft, to strike because their salaries have not been resolved, ” he said .

Merauke regency, continued Sunarjo, PT MNA realized if management is in trouble. However, specifically related to the operation of the twin oter aircraft, in order to respond the pilot. Because the people who really need the transportation .
” For the cost including fuel, will be borne by the local government. Provided, the public could be well served. Because many questions are always delivered . Hopefully communications are built, giving positive results. Where, pilots willing to fly back to the rural areas of appropriate routes, ” he added.

In addition, members of parliament Merauke , Francis Ohoiwutun were asked to comment said the move of the government to fly the aircraft passenger (twin oter) back to the rural areas very precise. Because too many complaints from local people who have not able to return home. Because the flight no longer exists.
” I hope that communication is well built . So the pilot with his crew, can fly again. Since most of the rural areas can only be served by air transportation, ” he said. ( Jubi / Ans / Frans)


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