A meeting between Development Rehabilitation Team of Tolikara District and Papia Police (Jubi)

Five Hundreds of Village Chief in Tolikara Were Unilaterally Fired

A meeting between Development Rehabilitation Team of Tolikara District and Papia Police (Jubi)

A meeting between Development Rehabilitation Team of Tolikara District and Papia Police (Jubi)

Jayapura, 17/1 (Jubi) – 546 Village Chief of 46 villages in Tolikara District, Province Papua were unilaterally dismissed since 2012.

The Chairman of Development Rehabilitation Team of Tolikara District, Ronald Jikwa, revealed this situation during the meeting with the Papua Police in Aula Cenderawasih, Papua Police Office. Ronald says there are 546 Village Chief who were unilaterally dismissed.  The dismissal was referred to the service report issued by the Regent and Vice Regent, Usman G Wanimbo and Amos Jikwa, in order to replace hundreds of previous village chief since 2012.
“Honorarium of village chief is Rp 9,250,000 as per quarterly. If this amount is multiplied with 546, the total amount could reach billions of rupiah,” Ronald said on Friday afternoon (17/1).

He said currently there are six major issues confronted by the local community.
“There are included the unilateral dismissals of hundreds of village chief, honorarium of village chief, grants for village, rice for the poor family and the Village Development Strategic Planning (RESPEK) fund that was not clear,” he said.

While, Ronald continued, the grants for village are reaching up to Rp 185 billion that not yet implemented until December 2013.  And the subsidized rice for the poor family whereas one village should be obtained 1 ton per quarterly has also halted during 2012.
“It was included Rp 200 million of RESPEK fund from Regional and National Budgetary that not received by 546 villages,” he said.


Ronald also says that these issues have been informed to the Chief of Police Tolikara.
“While we found the difficulties to meet with the Regent and Vice Regent in order to resolve these problems because they are often out of Tolikara,” he said.

At the same place, the Village Chief of Kampung Abaki, Kamboneri Sub-district, Tolikara District, Jami Kogoya confirmed the statement of Ronald Jikwa.
“These issues were event caused the tribal war between us. The local government seems very slowly to handle it. Moreover my village is located in the border with Mamberamo Tengah District,” Jami said on Friday (17/1).

Meanwhile, Irwasda Polda Papua, Kombes Pol 1 Gde Sugiayar said he will accommodate the aspiration of students and village chiefs of Tolikara District when meet with him in regards to inform these issues.
“The government issues are not the domains of police. However I have asked the assistance and coordination with Sekda Papua Heri Dosinaen to close these issues immediately. The police in this situation will be acted as the mediator, if there are some indications of law violation or corruption, therefore the investigation team will be sent to Tolikara,” he said. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/P. Maizier)

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