Five exk political prisoners while arrived in Wamena - Jubi

Five Ex-Political Prisoners Refuse Support from Central Government

Five exk political prisoners while arrived in Wamena - Jubi

Five exk political prisoners while arrived in Wamena – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Five former political prisoners who were granted pardon by President Joko Widodo refused to receive any kind of support from the central government .

Linus Hiluka made the statement on behalf of his four former fellow inmates: Apotnalogolik Lokobal, Numbungga Telenggen, Kimanus Wenda and Jefrai Murib during a ceremony to celebrate their release at Ibelle, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua last week.

However, Hiluka said they would consider if it comes from the governor or regent because the Papuan regional heads are family leaders of Papuans.
“We refuse any support from the Central Government since we don’t know what their intention is, but it’s different with the governor or regents. As Papuan family leaders, it’s up to them whether they want to help us or not, but we said no to the Central Government,” Hiluka said.

He admitted after returning into society and family, five of them are struggling to adapt in doing normal activities among the society such as farming and so on. “We feel not fully free. We just came out from small prison to the big one. Big prison is worse. In small prison, we were guarded day and night, but we must be fully alert since in this big prison, the Indonesian Government is still discriminating Papuans,” said Linus Hiluka.


Meanwhile, the Chairman of Advocacy Network of the Law and Human Right Enforcement of Papua’s Central Highland, Theo Hesegem said the five ex-political prisoners are currently under supervision of NGOs and human right activists in the Central Highland area.

Thus, only families are allowed to meet them because external distraction could further influence their psychological condition for nearly twelve years in the prison.
“Anyone are not allowed to find out their activities during this week, because they are still need a recovery,” said Hesegem. (Islami/rom)

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