Agarwood farmers from Boven Digoel undergoing training (Jubi)


Agarwood farmers from Boven Digoel undergoing training (Jubi)

Agarwood farmers from Boven Digoel undergoing training (Jubi)

Mataram, 13/5 (Jubi) – Five agarwood farmers from Boven Digoel with three staffers from the Forestry Department are currently undergoing training on the cultivation and management of the tree for three days in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara.

“This training is intended to broaden farmers’ knowledge and understanding on how to cultivate, manage and market agarwood better,” team coordinator Paulinus Yawok told in Mataram on Tuesday (13/5).

“The potential of agarwood is quite large and the people have not been able to identify the type, quality and grade of agarwood. As a result, traders from outside always take benefits on it,” he added.

“Therefore, we sent them to take this training in Mataram. We chose Mataram because it has experienced in terms of research and development of agarwood,” according to him.


He said he hoped the farmers would learn some new skills from the training.

The uncontrolled cutting down of agar trees is threatening their existence, he said.
“Our hope is the plants will not be cut illegally and sustainable development efforts must be made,” he said.

One farmer, Fayaho Kwanimba said he welcome the programme sponsored by the forestry department.
“So far, we do not know if there are different types of agar- woods. This training is very useful for us when we return to the area later,” he said.

Agar-wood contains essential oil that can be created by the extraction or refining of agar-woods. Essence of agar-wood is used as a binder (fixative) of various types of perfumes, cosmetics, and herbal medicines.

Its price ranges from Rp 500,000 to Rp. 30 million per kilogram, depending on the origin of species of trees and tree quality. (Jubi / Albert / Tina)

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