Fish market in Jayapura - Jubi

Fish Consumption in Papua’s Mountainous Regions Negligible

Fish market in Jayapura - Jubi

Fish market in Jayapura – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Provincial Government is seeking to increase fish consumption among Papuans in the mountainous regions.

“In mountainous areas, fish consumption rate is still 0.10 percent,” the head of Papua’s Marine and Fishery Department Frangky Wally said last week.

“Every year we have to send the fish seed to the mountains so that their fish consumption levels go up,” he said.

The department also continued to encourage people in the mountains to have Breeding Unit (UPR) so that later they are able to provide fish seed itself. “We have also trained them,” he added.


Types of fish that can be cultivated in mountainous areas are Nila, Mujair and Greskap. Other efforts that Government has done was to spread a number of fingerlings in several lakes in the mountainous region where the estuary flows into several other districts in the vicinity.
“We’ve been restocking fingerlings in Paniai and Habema lakes,” he said.

The next few years we would see the development of seed and stem the spread of fish in a lake.
“We will monitor there in 2016 or 2017 to check fingerlings that has been supplied to a number of these points.” He added.

Meanwhile, for the coastal areas, the number of fish consumption has exceeded the national target of 35 percent / year, while the region has reached 38 percent. (*/ Tina)

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