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Tuesday, 15 August 2017 - 18:48 WIB

First competition for Bird of Paradise imitation in Papua

competition of bird of paradise imitation in Jayapura - Jubi/Sindung

competition of bird of paradise imitation in Jayapura - Jubi/Sindung

competition of bird of paradise imitation in Jayapura – Jubi/Sindung

Jayapura, Jubi – In order to prevent the Bird of Paradise (Cenderawasih) become extinct from the Papua land, Papua Provincial Government on Monday (August 14) held a competition of cendrawasih bird imitation.

The competition held at Gedung Kesenian Papua (DKP) in IMBI, Jayapura City as a follow-up of the Papua Governor’s circulation related to prohibition of native birds to be made as souvenirs.

The expert staff of Papua Governor, Anie Rumbiak, supports the circular of Papua Governor to ban the use of Cenderawasih birds. This competition was followed by craftsmen/women, artists and artisans of the imitation bird under the auspices of Papuan Art Council,

“Regulations on the prohibition of cenderawasih birds to be souvenirs are still being discussed at the Legal Bureau, and if it is official, it will be the legal umbrella for all parties that cenderawasih birds must be protected. We want all stakeholders to give positive feedback to build Papua. Recommendations from artists and craftsmen,” Ani told Jubi.


Meanwhile, Nomensen Mambraku, a Papuan artist said the government should have a firm and complete regulation not only to protect the birds, but also nature and Papuan people.

“Sadly most of the officials have yet understood the dignity of indigenous Papuan, including the importance to protectcCenderawasih birds and Papuan art,” he said.

He also hopes that all stakeholders will not use a real bird of paradise as souvenir anymore.

“To give Cenderawasih birds to other people is a mistake. The bird belongs to a custom or warlord of the tribe and it belongs to Papuan. So not everyone can get the bird of paradise,” he said.

The competition of bird cenderawasih imitation is followed by 28 craftspeople. Six winners are awarded trophies and coaching money.

“Fredika Rumkorem, Daniel Kulisman, Herlina Rumkorem become the first to the third winner of the cute gypsum imitation competition,” said Saut Marpaung, Secretary of Jury Council. (*)

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