Jayawijaya Police Chief, AKBP Yan Pieter Reba showing letter of peace agreement with Edison Matuan's family -Jubi/Islami

Fines settled, the trial of Edison Matuan’s murder continue


Jayawijaya Police Chief, AKBP Yan Pieter Reba showing letter of peace agreement with Edison Matuan’s family -Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – The family of Edison Matuan or Edison Hesegem (21), who died at the hands of police officers mid-January 2017, had agreed to make peace with the police while legal process continued.

Jayawijaya Police Chief, AKBP Yan Reba confirmed it on Thursday (June 15). He said the police have paid customary fines or compensation to the families victims for Rp.400 million on April 22, 2017. Wth the signing of agreement, the case is handed over to the police.

“The families of the victims, their parents, have given statements and submit legal cases to the police to continue legal proceeding,” said Reba.

According to him, even though there has been a statement from the victim’ family to the three perpetrators of which are member of Polres Jayawijaya, the legal process remains the way.


The current legal process, according to him, has passed the code of ethics trial against the three personnel suspected, and in the near future will proceed to the next trial. “The first stage has been done trial and just wait for the second stage,” said Reba.

From the peace agreement it was decided amount of customary fines in Jayawijaya, and it’s said everyone agree for 400 million rupiah compensation while the legal process continued.

“Members who take proactive action will be investigated, since they didn’t follow the standard in performing their duties, and this is also responded by Komnas HAM, including Kompolnas. For that we were asked to go to Jayapura (to give responsibility,” he said.

The police chief added there were three members who were brought to court, one was the key perpetrator in charge, and other two took part in the persecution.

Police chief said that Edison was also a perpetrator of crime at the time, “he was also drunk and against the police in duties. But still police officers have to remain professional in cracking down on things like this,” he explained.

Public Relations of Papua Regional Police, Kombes AM Kamal confirmed the legal procedure of Edison’s case.

“It has been processed, the perpetrators have been proceed in an ethics court and then submitted to the public court,” he told Jubi recently.

Edison Matuan allegedly died (11/1). as a result of persecution by members of Jayawijaya Police. The victim allegedly committed theft and was arrested by police officers and then persecuted. He had to be taken to Wamena Hospital.

However, according to witness testimony at RSUD Wamena, when victim in medical treatment, the police officers continue the persecution causing the victim finally died.

The families of the previous victims had sued the police for a total of 2.1 billion rupiah.(*)

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