Filep Karma - Jubi

Filep Karma Rejects Sentence Cut to Mark Independence Day

Filep Karma - Jubi

Filep Karma – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Political prisoner Filep Karma has rejected a decision to release him as part of sentence cuts given to inmates to mark independence day.

Karma said he still had to serve the remaining 3.5 years.
“I was sentenced to 15 years by an Indonesian court. Well, now I have been granted a remission for August 17, 2015. According to me, there are still three and a half year in prison and I refuse it,” Filep Karma said to Jubi on Wednesday (12/8/2015)

According to Filep Karma, sentence cuts were granted to those who committed criminal acts.
“I am not a criminal. I am a politician. If I receive remission, it means I admit I am a criminal,” Karma said.

Furthermore he said they said (Kemenkumhan-red) must issue himself, because otherwise they will be checked out. He also has plan correspondence to the Minister and also President to refuse remission, pardon and amnesty except abolition.
“So if I receive it as if I am not good person outside and inside the jail. Well this is why I refuse it. I am a good person and I was sent in prison because of a matter of ideology, ” he added.


“I do not agree because the laws are made for people who commit crimes as if our political prisoners are criminalized. It should be apply political terms. For example once was offered clemency by giving signature as requirement to be faithful to the Homeland. I rejected it because I do not commit a crime” he stated.

“I did it in accordance with the 1945 Constitution, which the state guarantees the freedom of citizens to express their aspirations both in oral and written. I am not a citizen of Indonesia, I am a citizen of Papua but I am forced to become a citizen of Indonesia, “Filep Karma said. (Roy Ratumakin/ Tina)

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