Police while secured the two groups of residents - Jubi

Fighting Between Two Groups Erupt in in Sorong City

Police while secured the two groups of residents - Jubi

[/media-credit] Police while secured the two groups of residents – Jubi

Sorong, Jubi – Fighting erupted between the two groups armed with sharp weapons and arrows in km 9, Sorong city, West Papua, causing a heavy traffic jam for three hours.

The trouble began when one of residents threw rocks a motorcycle rider, Roni, who was driving past Basuki Rahmat street in Sorong city on Saturday (8/8/2015) at around 11.21am.

He then reported the incident to his family and relatives. The man’s supporters then descended on Km. 9 and Km.10 attacked the suspected stone-throwers.

The dispute was settled but a short time later fighting resumed in front of Mega Mall Sorong around 05.00 pm.


On Sunday afternoon (9/8/2015), larger assault occurred as a result, two people were injured and one of military members was injured.

Chief operating officer of Sorong City Police Commissioner, Bambang Asep, SIK said the members directly went down on the scene and secured the two groups of residents.
“We’ve secured the two groups so they won’t attack each other, “he said.

While community leaders in the region who declined to be named, said the two groups directly met in order to soothe their own community that this conflict won’t be widespread.
“We’ve talked so that there will be no attack again and each group must control its people,” he said. (Niko MB/Tina)

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