Students of Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) Papua - Jubi

Fewer Indigenous Papuans Enrolled at IPDN 

Students of Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) Papua - Jubi

Students of Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) Papua – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Student Executive Body of the University of Cendewasih Elius Wenda criticized the recruitment of the students in the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN), saying that none of candidates from Jayawijaya Regency passed the selection exams.

“When they did the test at the provincial level, they didn’t pass. We deeply regret this situation and it should be changed. The Provincial Government is responsible for the implementation of education at any levels in the province,” Wenda told Jubi in Jayapura on Thursday (23/06/2016).

He suspected there are particular culprits stirring the situation to not let the candidates from Jayawijaya to pass the test.

“What kind of recruitment system was applied? Is there such a quota for certain people or bribery system or purely qualified? We must clean up the culprits who played in the system for striking down the indigenous Papuans,” said Wenda.


According to him, the Law No. 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua Province has clearly regulated about the alignments of indigenous Papuans.

“We ask to all related stakeholders whether at provincial or municipal or regional governments and councils to pay attention at the indigenous Papuans. So that in the recruitment of IPDN students, there is equal prioritization. Do not always prioritize those who able to pay more or have portion. Poor children also can!” he said.

The Chairman Deputy of Commission V of the Papua Legislative Council for Education Affairs, Nioulen Kotouki said there should be a special policy to prioritize the indigenous Papuans in the recruitment of students of IPDN Papua.

He said the governor and regents as well as mayor in Papua have to fight for protection which prioritizing the indigenous Papuans in the recruitment of IPDN students in Papua.

“All the time we observed that in the recruitment of IPDN students for Papua, the quota for indigenous Papuans is still limited. Sometime the indigenous candidates were ignored,” said Kotouki.

Earlier, the Head of National Civil Service Agency of Papua Province Nicolaus Wnda said in 2016 as many as 977 indigenous Papuans conducted the Basic Competency Test on Computer Assisted Test basis in the recruitment of IPDN students.

“The BCT would be conducted into three phases, which is the first phase would have 300 participants, and 400 participants for the second phase and 277 participants for the third phase,” he said.

According to him, the quota for Papua Province was lower than the previous year, which is 53 students from previously 54 students.

“So these 977 candidates would compete for 53 seats for Papua Province,” he said. (Abeth You/rom)

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