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“I am a Father and Mother” and “Nagosa” in Papua Film Fest


Nelson Lokobal and Christian Kogoya while showing his film work at Rumah Bina Wamena-Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – “I’m a Father and Mother” and “Nagosa” (Mama), two documentary films by Nelson Lokobal and Christian Kogoya, tells  much about native social life of the Baliem Valley.

Prior to its premiere at the Papua Film Festival (FFP) on August 7-9 in Merauke, Nelson (19) and Christina, a high school XII student, revealed a bit of the story behind their work.

“I am a Father and Mother” by Nelson, tells of the struggle of Desiana Sorabut, a 6th grader, along with her two siblings, shall live without their parents.

“So, the story is about Desiana parents who died when her still in grade 2 of elementary school,” said Nelson in Wamena.


In the film, Nelson describes the power of a girl as small as Desiana who was forced to take on the role of a parent in a family. After sitting in 6th grade, she does all the work like other parents in her village to keep her ‘kitchen aflame’ on.

“Wake up in the morning, she must go to the garden to get the vegetables and sell it to the city … During the day after school,s he must return to the garden to plant vegetables and hipere (sweet potato). Keep the garden so that there are always crops … at least there are vegetables with hipere in the kitchen. That’s what she did for herself and siblings,” he said.

Not just taking care of his garden. One of her parents’ treasures is a pig. Pig farm in the yard of the house. Occasionally, he sells boiled peanuts his garden produce, at school.

“The fate of children like Desiana is similar to many people in the city of Wamena … the story was for me interested so I made the film,” Nelson explained.

Another worthy documentary film is “Nagosa.” The high school student XII’s film tells the story of the role of a woman and motherwho works hard to sustain the needs of her family, even to support her husband’s education.

Every day, Nagosa must travel 4 km from her home in the suburb of Wamena to the center of the city.

Christina said, “Every day, I swees the road around the town of Wamena. From the job, she earned a wage from the local government. In addition, he also sells firewood,” she said.

Those two stories are included in a series of Papuan documentaries on the FFP next week.

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