West Papua Freedom Fighter - Suplied
West Papua Freedom Fighter - Suplied

Family Ask Police to Return General Yogi’s Body

West Papua Freedom Fighter - Suplied

West Papua Freedom Fighter – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Family of a Papuan rebel leader, Leonardus Magai Yogi, urged the police to show his tomb after he was killed in Nabire.

Yogi, commander of the National Liberation Army – Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) Division II of Paniai Region, was shot dead at Sanoba Vilalge, Nabire Regency, Papua on Thursday (30/4/2015).
“From the beginning, we have asked them (the police) if he was shot and dead please return his body to the family, but they didn’t do it,” Damianus Magai Yogi told Jubi by phone on Sunday (23/8/2015).

He said as a human, if he was killed, his body should be return to his family. “But they acted as if he was their family. It really made me upset. They supposed to think humanly,” he said,

He denied the police asked the family to take the Yogi’s body at Nabire Hospital. According to him the police never contacted the family whether by phone or mediator.
“If we came to the hospital, we might be shot by the police as we are the family of the general of TPN/OPM. So, I just recognized he (Leonardus) was shot dead at Sanoba and still alive when taken to the hospital. Well, when arrived in the hospital he was killed. And his body was taken away from the hospital at night without knowing the location where they buried or dumped or burned him. I don’t know,” he said.


According to him the police has turned down the fact. It does not make sense if they shot him and then buried him.
“What rule they refer to? Leo was shot dead and brought to mortuary with two people while the security forces guarded from the entrance to the road in front of the hospital. If he was just shot on foot, how could he possibly died?” he said.

Despite to his tomb, the family also questioned about two others, namely Yulian Nawipa and Marchel Muyapa (driver) who’ve also been shot in the shooting incident.
“We also had no information about the other two. We don’t know where they are until now,” Soleman Yogi said. He further said Marcel Muyapa is taxi driver of Nabire, Dogiyai, Deiyai and Paniai route. He said the police must convey their presence to their family or relevant NGOs. (Abeth You/rom)

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