Victims of Paniai shootings case - Jubi

Families Urge UN Special Rapporteur to Visit Victims of Paniai Shootings

Victims of  Paniai shootings case - Jubi

Victims of Paniai shootings case – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Church leaders and the families of the victims of the shootings in Paniai are still waiting justice for the perpetrators.

“Many teams have come to Paniai. They promised to uncover the shooting perpetrators occurred at the Karel Gobay quarter. But where is the result up to now? Big zero. In fact the perpetrators were hidden. They even twisted the fact to safe the Indonesian Government’s image,” said the Rev. Nikolaus Degei, Sth to Jubi on Monday (19/9/2016).

According to him who also one of the victims’ relatives of the incident, Paniai people, in particular the victims’ families, are concluding the Indonesian government deliberately covered up the incident that killed their children and this hurt their families’ feelings. That this case would never been processed for the justice for the victims’ family because the perpetrators were military personnel.

“Our people in Paniai respectfully asked the countries which are members of the Pacific Islands Forum to immediately from a fact-finding team to find the truth,” continued the Rev. Degei expressing the aspiration of people in Enarotali, Paniai.


Separately, the human right activist in Nabire, Yones Douw said the Paniai people requested that the Special Rapporteur for the Freedom of Expression or Torture to come to Paniai in order to find the truth over this shooting incident.

“Victims’ family and witnesses would no longer accept any team related to this case, whether it was individuals, local institutions, fact-finding team under Luhut Pandjaitan, local, national or international human rights institutions that involving the Indonesian Government,” said Douw.

Both Degei and Dowu similarly said the Paniai people want all teams that came to Paniai could reveal their findings immediately. “Those findings must be presented to the international public in the Pacific or in the UN forum, because people no longer trust the Indonesian Government’s efforts to settle this case,” said Douw. (*/rom)

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