Okto Maniani, Perseru player (Jubi)


Okto Maniani, Perseru player (Jubi)

Okto Maniani, Perseru player (Jubi)

Jayapura , 14/2 ( Jubi ) – Perseru failed to steal points from away game at Putra Samarinda in Indonesia Super League ( ISL ), Saturday ( 2/9 ). For the next game, team known as ‘ Orange Sea Horses ‘ , is hoping to win the match over the host Mitra Kukar at Aji Lumut Stadium, Kutai Kartanegera ( Kukar ), on Saturday ( 15/2) .

Perseru coach which was also a former Persipura player and the Indonesian national player in the era 80s, Robby Maruana said that it is going to be tough match, but nothing is impossible in football. He urged his players to play all-out to gain points.
” Yes, we will work harder to score points after defeated 5-0 of Putra Samarinda a few days ago. This will be tough match yet in football anything can happen,” said Robby Maruanaya via cellular to tabloidjubi.com, on Friday ( 2/14 ) .

He added that ‘ Orange Sea Horses ‘ still perform their characters on the speed of the two wings to hit the opponent’s defense.
” Team strength will be on the speed of our players from both two wings for dismantling the opponent’s defense and supply the ball to the forwards, ” he said .

In the front row, Robby, Perseru coach might pair Alan Aronggear together with Sunday Oboh to break back line of Mitra Kukar who commanded by Hamka Hamza.
“Maybe we going to be place Alan Aronggear with Sunday Oboh on the front lines. Alan is the type of fighter striker while Sunday is good at seeking the strategic position. Both will be supported by Okto Maniani and Jason Ama from the wings. Our two wings back, Tony Ayomi and Alex Yarangga could also attack or emerge from behind, ” he said .


Earlier, the Chief Executive of Perseru,Yance Banua Rouw said the team ‘ Orange Sea Horses ‘ will perform maximally at the Indonesia Super League.
” Besides promising a bonus to the players, we also always motivate and remind them that we do not just ride through at the ISL. We do not want to  just show up for a moment and then disappear again. We must still exist, ” said Yance Banua Rouw .

Therefore, he always reminds the players to remain vigilant and not complacent with what the team has been achieved .
” This is just the beginning. The road is still far away, “said Yance . ( Jubi / Arjuna/Tina)

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