Demosntration held by Bara NKRI on Abepura - Roy Ratumakin

Factions Attempt to “Sabotage” Government in Papua, says Councilor

Demosntration held by Bara NKRI on Abepura - Roy Ratumakin

Demosntration held by Bara NKRI on Abepura – Roy Ratumakin

Jayapura, Jubi – Deputy Chairman of the Commission I of the Papua Legislative Council for Government, Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs, Orwan Tolli Wone warned of the rise of many civil organizations in Papua recently.

He said those organizations have political interests and were established to counter other organizations seen opposed to the Indonesian government.

He also said there appeared to be an attempt to ‘disrupt’ the government in Papua under the administration of Governor Lukas Enembe and Vice Governor Klemen Tinal.

“I think there is a faction who wants stir up the situation in Papua, looking for attention. It might want to disturb the government in Papua. It was stirred; has political interest. It wasn’t sincere. It has particular motive. The groups might be also established to counter other Papuan struggle organization, such as West Papua National Committee (KNPB),” said Tolli Wone on last weekend.


He said he wouldn’t question it when those organizations were existed for long time but it came lately coincidently with the moment of political year of Papua, ahead to simultaneously Regional Heads Election at municipal and regional levels in 2017 and Governor election in 2018.

“This is Papuan political year. People do not easily be provoked. Keep maintain the unitary and security. There are those who would only create the horizontal conflict among Papuan people,” he said.

If it was to maintain the unitary of the Republic Indonesia and people’s security, the civil organizations were needless. People could do it individually. In addition, the Military and Police are there to ensure the public security and safety as well as the unitary of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Military and Police are to maintain the unitary of the Republic of Indonesia, while those organizations are recently came. It’s different with the existing organizations, although it was opposite to the country, such as KNPB. It has already existed and rooted among the people in the entire regencies/municipalities in Papua,” he said.

However, he added, KNPB was restricted in doing demonstration since it’s considered as illegal and against Pancasila, thought the Indonesian Law admits that every citizens have rights to express their aspiration into public according to the procedure. “There are the Law Number 9/1998 on expressing the aspiration in the public and the Indonesian Police Regulation Number 7/2012 on service procedure in securing of freedom expression in the public. The regulations are clear but violated for long time. Meanwhile other organizations were permitted. It is discrimination,” he added.

Meanwhile the Commission I member Laurenzus Kadepa said some particular fractions might want to create the conflict situation in Papua on purpose. “There are certain culprits attempting to create conflict among the people. It is not only between Papuans and non-Papuans but also between the indigenous Papuans,” told Kadepa. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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