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Fact-Finding Mission Team to Papua Pushed through UN and MSG

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Semarang, Jubi – Vice Chairman of Advisory Council of the Union Churches of Indonesia, the Rev. Phil Karel Erari said it will endorse the recommendation of the Pacific Islands Forum to send a fact-finding mission team to Papua could be done under the United Nations.

“Concerning to the fact-finding mission team for West Papua as recommended by the PIF, we will push it to become the UN mandate. Once it was realized, Indonesia could not do anything to intervene it,” Erari told Jubi on last week from Jakarta.

He said if it was done under the United Nations, the Government of Indonesia would conform this mandate and also would be forced by the United Nations Fact Finding Mission. Because if was done under PIF countries, Indonesia would certainly reject it. “So it is expected the UN Fact Finding Mission and PIF Fact Finding Mission could be together to find fact in West Papua. Also it could be conducted through MSG, because Indonesia is also part of it as the Associated Member. This issue also could be pushed by ULMWP through MSG,” he said.

Meanwhile, as earlier reported by Jubi, the Secretary General of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Octovianus Mote said a fact- finding mission team has been established. The leaders of Pacific countries have taken action, and they would send a fact-finding mission team to Papua before September 2016.
‘They will come to Papua to find the fact of human right violations. They come not only to see the graves but also dig it if necessary and at that time Indonesia has not choice except to permit them to do it. In Papua, they (security forces) could burn and close their traces. But they could not close the access of hundred thousands of victims who’ve been submitted to MSG, PIF, UN Human Rights Council,” Mote told Jubi on Tuesday (10/11/2015).
But according to Mote, if later Indonesia does not permit the fact-finding mission team coming to Indonesia, it is the right of Indonesia. “No one can force or reject it, so Indonesia could not lie to the world by saying no human right violations occurred because the fact is they do not allow the fact-finding mission team. The Pacific countries leaders would decide the next step if they were rejected,” he said. (Arnold Belau/rom)


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