Existence of Brimob Headquaters Expected to Increase Tensions


Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) expressed its opposition to plans to build Mobile Brigade (Brimob) Police Headquarters in Wamena as this could increase tensions in the area.

DPRP Speaker  Yunus Wonda said people living in the mountainous regions are still traumatized by the large presence of security forces because if past abuses.
“Now the number of security forces in Papua is huge and it makes Papuans fearful and traumatized. Whatever the reasons, there are people who reject and disapprove the construction of Brimob headquarters. So we do not agree with the plan,” Wonda said on Tuesday (10/02/2015).

He said Papuans in general obey and fear security forces and know how to respect and appreciate others. It’s just sometimes the military acts excessively and that  scares people.
“I’ve met the president and conveyed the aspiration of students and community and he promised to call the police chief, “he said.

He said the security forces need to think and work on how people love them and the state. He believed that the security forces that were sent to the interior, not equipped with the knowledge about the culture and character of the local community.
“The security forces have to change their approach to the so they won’t feel pressured . The presence of the apparatus does help the community, but the fear of the people still remain, “he said. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)


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