Papua Regional Secretary, Herry Dosinaen - Jubi

Everyone Stakeholders Should be Open-Minded on Otsus Plus, says Regional Secretary

Papua Regional Secretary, Herry Dosinaen - Jubi

Papua Regional Secretary, Herry Dosinaen – Jubi

Jakarta, Jubi – Papua Provincial Secretary Hery Dosinaen urged all parties in the central and regional governments to be open-minded and consider that the Special Autonomy Law was born due to two factors: politics and errors that led to governance overlapping.

“There are about seventy articles regulated in the Special Autonomy Law are also included in other regulations, therefore it has no legitimacy due to pressure from other regulations,” said Dosinaen in Jakarta on Monday (30/5/2016).

In depth review, said Dosinaen, the Special Autonomy Law is merely accommodating the nomenclature changes that are actually not significant in the governance. “It makes the authority of local government have become faded upon the central government; for example in managing the natural resources which are in conflict with other sectorial regulations,” he said.

Therefore, Dosinaen added, the Special Autonomy Plus could result a legitimated and transparent regulation towards good governance in the Land of Papua, from Papua to Papua Barat, since it was drafted under direct instruction of the former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono towards Papua Governor. “However, this effort was obstructed because everyone in each ministry and institution doesn’t see this thoroughly, “ said Dosinaen.


But on the other hand, he gave highly appreciation to the Legislative Body of the Indonesian House of Representatives for taking this aspiration and ready to make endorsement over the Special Autonomy Plus Bill to be on schedule of Prolegnas 2016 (National Legislative Program).

“It is very unfortunate that last year it became a conflict because both of related ministry and institution did not understand it thoroughly. Does it represent an exceptional fear or other things, we don’t know. But clearly, all of this was done for the benefit and welfare of the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Papua People’s Assembly Timotius Murib before the Legislative Body of the Indonesian House of Representatives repeated that the Special Autonomy Plus is not talk about referendum and politic. “The bill is entirely speaking about how to increase the welfare of Papuan people,” said Murib. Further, he asserted that the Legislative Body should able to endorse the Special Autonomy Law Plus to be on schedule of the Proglegnas for evaluation.

Although the evaluation should be done, but it has never been implemented after 14 years of the implementation of Special Autonomy Law. Thus people need a new resolution related to this matter. “The Special Autonomy Law Plus was drafted by talented Papuans, that it is expected to provide the authority for the welfare of the Papuan people,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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