Escaped Prisoners in Wamena Still on the Run



Wamena, Jubi – Fourteen prisoners who escaped from Wamena Prison early Monday  (23/8/2015) are still on the run and being chased by the local police.

“Once we got the report, we promptly formed an investigation team,” Crime and Investigation Unit Chief First Inspector I Wayan Laba told reporters at his office on Tuesday (24/8/2015).

The police will also question guards who were in charge at the time of the escape, Laba said. He said this incident wasn’t the first time. Two prisoners escaped from the same prison last July while 55 prisoners ran away in 2014.

Looking at two last cases that happened within this year, he said the police found names of the same guards who were on duty at the time when prisoners escaped from the prison. The police would also examine whether it was part of conspiracy or negligence. If so, there would be a legal consequence.


As reported earlier, fourteen prisoners have escaped from Wamena Prison on Monday dawn by breaking the ceiling in C2 and C3 blocks, and jumped over the fence using iron sticks used to apply as futsal goal gate and blankets.

Meanwhile, related to the escape of fourteen prisoners from Wamena Prison, that seven are prisoners under Wamena Prosecutor Office’s custody and the rest are prisoners of Wamena District court, the Head of Wamena Prosecutor Office, Dian Frits Nalle, SH questioned and regretted how could prisoners from jail all at once. It would greatly affect the legal process by the Prosecutor Office and the Court.
“It’s the authority of Wamena Prison who should responsible on this incident, although those fugitives are legally our prisoners. But based on regulation, they must be sent to Wamena Prison because the Prosecutor Office has no separate rooms to keep the prisoners. We have received the letter of announcement and coordinated with the police to find the fugitives,” Nalle told by phone on Tuesday (25/8/2015).

Nalle further questioned about the security system of prison to let prisoners escape without being known by guards. “It is clear that prisoners run away. They were only transferred from the police’s custody to Wamena Prison, and their cases have not yet decided by Court. Now they were escaped and by law the prison authority should be responsible on this, that guards and security system should be questioned,” said Nalle.

He futher said this case wasn’t the first time but it happened several times, thus all parties in particular the Directorate of Prison of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights should pay attention on this case. “The legal process would still continue but it’s would be very slow since we along with the police must seek and chase the fugitives to bring them to the Court,” he said. (Islami/rom)

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