A chemotherapy patient, Esye Karubuy when met at Dok II Hospital - Jubi

Equipment at Dok II Hospital Broken, Patients Have to be Referred to Outside Papua

A chemotherapy patient, Esye Karubuy when met at Dok II Hospital - Jubi

A chemotherapy patient, Esye Karubuy when met at Dok II Hospital – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Many chemotherapy patients were very disappointed after knowing that a CT Scan machine or also known as a “CAT” scan owned by provincial hospital is broken.

Papua Provincial Health Director, Aloysius Giay, told Jubi on last week that the current medical device Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan in the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II , Jayapura, Papua has been out of service since the beginning of this year 2015.

As a result, many patients who need CT scans have to be referred to hospitals outside Papua, he said.
“At the moment, we can not serve them. My secretary of UP2KP has checked the CT scan directly and found it broken,” Giay said.

He added that the CT scan had been repaired some time ago, but was broken again.
“We have asked the management of Dok II Hospital to immediately fix it so that the patients can be served well,” he said.


He continued, if the scan is not repaired by the end of 2015, it means the patients can not be served.

He added, in order to overcome these problems, provincial government will equip several hospitals in Papua with the CT scan tool in 2016. So that people can have few alternatives when the damage occurred in hospitals Dok II Jayapura, Papua such as Biak hospital, Abepura hospital, Timika hospital and Yowari hospital,

He admitted that the CT Scan in Papua is now very urgent and important especially hospital referral hospital status.

Earlier, Director of the Dian Harapan Hospital (RSDH), Jayapura, Papua, Dr. Jon Calvin Frans Paat, said that Papua is very urgent, because up to now in Jayapura and Papua generally there is only hospital Dok II Jayapura that has a CT scan.
“There is always a problem with the CT scan, so we hope the provincial government of Papua can see it and can perform a CT scan on procurement,” he said some time ago.

Previously, there was a lack of oxygen at Wamena Hospital which resulted a number of patients treated in the emergency room (ER) into the victim. On Monday (09.21.2015) in the emergency room, there were almost four patients who did not get oxygen. Actually these patients desperately needed help for breathing as needed by a three and a half month old child who suffered respiratory problems but the kid did not get any oxygen for breathing.

As reported earlier by Jubi, chemotherapy patients at the General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II Jayapura, Papua, was worried after hearing the rumors that one other chemotherapy patients died as a result of the availability of drugs for chemotherapy patients empty.

A chemotherapy patient, a residen, Esye Karubuy when met at Dok II Hospital, Monday (14/09/2015) said, she received chemotherapy services for drug stocks run out.

She continued, Chemotherapy service for her was supposed to do on 8 August and by the hospital planned subsequent chemotherapy on September 8, but until Monday (14/09/2015), it was cancelled.
“I have to wait one more week but there was no treatment,” she said. (Munir/ Tina)

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