Energy and Mineral Resources Minister to Revise Budget to Papua


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said will revise its funding assistance to Papua to have a broiler engine of 10.000 mega watt capacity.

“The minister will revise the budget to help us considering Papua has wood raw materials to be proceed as energy resources,” Enembe told reporters in Jayapura on Monday (6/4/2015).

He admitted he learned so many things related to red bell fruit wood processing during his visit with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and Minister of Forestry to the industrial forest area at Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. He learned that PT. Korindo could produce the 7.3 mega watt electrical energy from wood waste processing and sell some of their product to PT. Pertamina (Mineral and Energy State Company). “So, PT. Pertamina must pay Rp 100 million to PT. Korindo everyday,” he said.

Based on this experience, Enembe said he gave instruction to the Head of Papua Forestry Office to observe the 13 – 15 hectares of production forest located in Keerom to grow the red bell fruit trees as applied by PT. Korindo at Pangkalan Bun.

“We do a trial first, as currently we need the power supplies; especially when we are becoming a host for the National Sport Week in 2010. Moreover, the three kind of tress they have planted are from Merauke, Papua,” he said.


Further, he said if this plan is working, the government would offer the private sector to manage and produce it, and the product could be sell to the PLN (Electricity State Company) considering Papua is currently requiring a huge supplies of electrical energy.
“The government might be involved in the Regional State Company as the share owner,” he said. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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