Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe - Jubi

Enembe: Papua’s Ecosystem Guarantees Future of Golden Generation

Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe - Jubi

Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said Papua’s ecosystem and biodiversity are the future guarantee of a golden generation and new civilization.

“It is because it has plenty of oxygen, water, energy, and food, medicines and Papuan cultural identity,” Enembe told reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday (7/9/2016).
He stressed that the beauty of the natural landscape, the diversity of flora and fauna as well as the Papuan cultural diversity are strategic and important assets for local and national governments as well as the international community in developing tourism and creative economics.
“All attendants in ICBE 2016 want Papua to become the front leader for the entire Indonesian regions in development and to achieve the sustainable future for the people of Indonesia based on the use of the biodiversity and ecosystem service wisely,” he said.
Therefore, he said, the International Conference of Biodiversity, Ecotourism and Creative Economy in Papua is a historical moment to materialize the vision of Papua namely ‘rising, independent and prosperous’.
“Through the conference, we would proudly declare that Papua could perform the high quality sustainable and equitable development by protecting, maintaining and utilizing the biodiversity wisely,” said Enembe.
Enembe said the conference becomes important for Papua to notify all parties that Papua Island has incredible terrestrial and marine natural resources that should be sustainably managed and used to improve the quality of life of the indigenous Papuans to exit from the isolation, poverty, ignorance and injustice.
‘With supports from Papuan generation with visionary and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of biodiversity, ecotourism and creative economy, I believe the economic development with seven cultural regions approach (Papua and Papua Barat) would grow well,” he said.
He added the Papua Provincial Government has determined the year of 2016 as investment year. Therefore he invited all parties through the conference for holding hands to support the potencies of biodiversity and ecotourism to move the tourism and creative economic on five Papuan cultural regions basis. (*/rom)


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