Lukas Enembe is having conversation with Victor Mambor, Jubi journalist - Jubi/Alex

Enembe: Governor’s institution belongs to Papuan indigenous


Lukas Enembe is having conversation with Victor Mambor, Jubi journalist – Jubi/Alex

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe says everyone has the right to run for governor and governor deputy, as long as he is a Papuan indigenous. Nevertheless, he reminded all to keep using political “healthy” ways.

“We are entering the elections season, where various political parties will open registration for candidates, such as PDIP recently. So, everyone has the right to run,” Lukas Enembe told reporters in Jayapura few dasya ago.

For his candidacy, he added, it is clear that Democratic Party will support. But he invited and even opens himself if there are other parties who want to join.

“If any of other parties want to join, please do. Yesterday there are those who are willing to go forward for candidacy,but we do not know yet and also it is the right of citizens, it is everyone’s right to be a governor,” he said.


Enembe also explained that his relationship with the Vice Governor of Klemen Tinal went so well that if the Golkar Party joined the Democrats, they would continue into the second period.

“We are just waiting for the survey results from Golkar and Democrats, which we will then teams up to count, and possibly from June to August all this political parties process are over,” Enembe said.

Besides all that, Governor Lukas Enembe asked for the stability in Papua security. To that end, he again told the parties who want to run for governor and vice governor to do it in a dignified way.
“Please do it in a more dignified way. Do not interfere that can be utilized by the one that have no rights, “said Enembe.

He added that since Papua has Special Autonomy status, the governor’s institution should not be disturbed by anyone.

“Do not disturb the governor’s institution, it belongs to the indigenous Papuans, while other institutions such the House of Representatives, Vice Regent may be immigrants, but the governor institution must be filled with Papuan, so no groups’ sould interfere or intervene,” he said.(*)

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