Papua Governor Lukas Enembe met with Korowai people and evangelists in Korowai Batu, Danowage, October 23 - Jubi / Agus Pabika

Enembe: Health and education should be prioritized in Korowai


Papua Governor Lukas Enembe met with Korowai people and evangelists in Korowai Batu, Danowage, October 23 – Jubi / Agus Pabika

Danowage, Jubi – Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe, asks the Education Office and Health Office of Papua Province to optimally overcome the issues of education and health in Korowai, since Korowai is the last remaining tribe in Papua.

He said that with the new airport, Korowai Batu, in Danowage, it is expected that access to education and health services will be much better.

“I hope any kind of disease suffered by Korowai community must be taken seriously by the Health Office; Korowai should be a priority,” he said.

Enembe hopes that by sending a health team from the province for a week, it can handle any complaints related to Korowai people’s disease.


Meanwhile, Head of Papua Health Office, dr. Aloisius Giyai, hoping to stay for a week in Korowai, the community and health team can work together, just as they have been doing so long between the community and the missionaries of Pdt. Trevor at Danowage.

“We are together with the Ministry of Health, coordinating with related agencies in four districts, including Boven Digoel, Asmat, Yahukimo and Mappi Health Departments, most importantly doing data collection of Korowai people’s health status from house to house,” he said.

Health status

For that, Health Office (Dinkes) of Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) together with Ministry of Health will perform health services and data collection of Korowai tribe’s health status.

“The team has prepared several agendas, such as counseling, coaching, medication as well as materials needed to be provided to the community, especially supplementary feeding for children and mothers,” he added.

“And it will be made static formulation of integrated health services and sustainable in Korowai and surrounding areas,” he added.

The government’s target in 2018-2020, he said will optimally to provide the team of the Provincial Health Office of Papua, which routinely comes to Korowai every three months.

“In the future the Health Office will work with the social institutions and church institutions that have been worked in Korowai,” he said.

Meanwhile, Governor Lukas Enembe hopes that Korowai society will be better in terms of health and education services.

“The Korowai people just got to be familiar with the outside world for the past 15 years, and we can say that these tribes are isolated,” he said. (tabloidjubi/Zely)

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