Electricity Supplies Affect Human Development Index in Papua



Jayapura, Jubi – Energy and Mineral Resources Office said the low human development index in Papua was the result of unequal distribution of electricity.

“HDI in Papua is low, even lower than West Papua Province. Let’s review, it is certain worst in the regions with no electricity,” the Head of Papua Energy and Mineral Resources Office, Bangun Manurung, said in Jayapura on Tuesday (12/1/2016).

Manurung said his office has mentioned about the Solar Power Plant and Micro-hydro Power Plan to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, but he thought the ministry has different reactions than any other ministry.

It is different because of other ministries have given tasks or delegated responsibilities to those worked in provincial or regional levels, but the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources want to solve the problem on their own, while this problem has been delivered continuously.


“Perhaps it is because of small population in Papua, therefore it does not become their major priority in the nationwide electricity improvement. Although I am not certain about their reason,” he said.

However, Papua Energy and Mineral Resources Office would continuously urge the ministry to allow the ministry and institutional budget could be allocated for Papua, it would be better if Papua prepares a Detail Engineering Design.

“HDI in Papua is obviously not determined by road access but electricity supplies. Therefore, we should move together to stand for this,” Manurung said.

Earlier, the General Manager of State Electricity Company Region Papua and West Papua, Robert Sitorus said to meet the needs of electricity supplies in Papua, the company is planning to build a Gas Power Plant of 240 Megawatt capacities that would be centralized in Jayapura Municipality, Merauke Regency and Mimika Regency. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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