Ballot Box for the election (Jubi)


Ballot Box at Emeneme Yauware Building (Jubi)

Ballot Box at Emeneme Yauware Building (Jubi)

Jayapura, 9/6 (Jubi) – Commission A of the Papua Legislative Council said both local and national elections were not run democratically and used by unscrupulous people for their own financial benefit.

“For example, many legislative candidates are concerned about the loss of their votes because there are unscrupulous individuals who committed frauds. Probably, he/she had received money so that certain candidates are required to win. This is why I believe this election has been used as a platform to make money,” Ruben Magay said to on Monday (9/6).

Magai also suspected there were mistakes in recruiting members of the Commission or the District Election Committee ( PPD), the Commission on the Voting Committee  (KPPS) and the Voting Committee (PPS).

“There was even a member of the Commission Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) who was involved in a political party. Why did they pass the selection process?. It meant that the selection committee missed it or pretended not to know, “he said.


Therefore, he said that the election organizers from the Commission to the PPS should be evaluated so that the same problem will not happen in the Presidential Election (Election), July 9.
“It should be thoroughly evaluated, especially lower-level implementation. Even if possible, PPD is not authorized to conduct a plenary vote. They just recapitalize, “he said.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Papua Election Supervisory Body , Robert Horik said three local commissions needed to be overhauled – Digoel Election Commission, Puncak Jaya Election Commission and and Mimika Election Commission.

The Chairman of the Papua Commission of Papua, Adam Arisoi responded that Bawaslu’s proposal is not legally enforceable.
“Bawaslu only recommended, but the Papua Commission will be the executor. Several other members of Commission are still needed and can not be immediately stopped. We will keep an eye on them so they would not do the same mistake in Presidential Election, July 9, ” he explained. (Jubi / Arjuna/ Tina)

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