Adam Arisoy, head of Papua Election Committe (Jubi)

Election Commission of Papua Plans the Socialization to the New Voters in February

Adam Arisoy, head of Papua Election Committe (Jubi)

Adam Arisoy, head of Papua Election Committe (Jubi)

Jayapura, 28/1 (Jubi) – The Election Commission (KPU) of Papua plans to conduct the socialization to the new voters in next February. The Chairperson of KPU Papua, Adam Arisoy said KPU is going to prepare the socialization for the next month because its format and draft has already done.

“We just implement the socialization and we will visit the schools to provide the information to the students. They are new voters so it’s need to be encouraged them use their rights in the first time election for determining the fate of this nation and this county,” Adam Arisoy said on Tuesday afternoon (28/1).

However, according to him, KPU Papua is not yet counting the percentage of the new voters in Papua for the next election. “We have not yet counted the percentage, but the increment is quite significant. But there is registered some double voters in several districts, so their registration in several districts has been canceled,” he said.

Regarding to the estimation of voters in Papua, he said the List of Permanent Voter (DPT) approved by the Central Election Commission indicated 3,203,331 voters. However that number is not yet final because there are about 116 thousand voters who do not have the Identity Number. “So the number would be reduced, because two weeks before the election, for those who have no identity number will be deleted as the voters. Currently we are asking them to correct the identity number,” he said.


The member of KPU Papua, Musa Sombuk, said the Election Commission of Papua is ready to organize the next Legislative and President Election “The election’s logistics are ready. We just need to prepare the Letter of Acceptance. Basically we are ready. The letter would be printed in February,” Musa Sombuk said. (Jubi/Arjuna/P.Maizier)

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