GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

Tolikara Shooting Victims Awaiting Surgery as Hospital Staff on Eid al Fitr Holiday

GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

GIDI’s members were injured in hospital after the incident – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Six people shot by police during rioting in Tolikara on Friday have been in Dok 2 general hospital awaiting surgery remove bullets because doctors are currently on public holiday due to Eid al-Fitr.

The Head of Medicine Distribution at Tolikara Health Office, Rony Wenda who accompanied the victims from Tolikara to Jayapura said after their fifth day at hospital (Tuesday, 21/7/2015), the hospital has not arranged surgery for the six young men from Tolikara.

Wenda who is also paramedic said he was disappointed with the public hospital’s service that according to him is unreasonable and breaking its promise to put the human lives first .

“I am very disappointed with the slowness of hospital’s services in handling the shooting victims. Up today, there’s no doctor came to examine them and even the surgery schedule has not arranged yet. They said ‘we are on public holiday, doctor will do the surgery soon after the holiday,” said paramedic Wenda to Jubi at Dok 2 Jayapura Public Hospital on Tuesday (21/7/2015).


“The hospital’s staffer said it’s a holiday season…is it logical? While there are sick people who need emergency help, but they were simply neglected because of holiday.  It is now the fifth day, and tomorrow it would be the sixth but we have no confirmation yet, what about them (the victims)?” he said.

Wenda and his two colleagues accompanied seven shooting victims of Tolikara incident on Friday last week at Dok 2 Public Hospital. Since they arrived at the hospital, the six victims are still placed at men surgery’s room, while one of seven victims, Endi Wanimbo (15) died during the travel from Tolikara to Wamena. He was buried in Wamena on 18 July 2015.

Until now, five of six men are still waiting the confirmation on their surgery schedule. They are Keratas Togolom who’ve been shot on right tight, Erandinus Yikwa got shot on left tight, Perenus Wanimbo hit by bullet on left foot-sole, Amatem Wenda was shot on left hand and Yulianus Lambe was shot on left tight. Meanwhile Yetimbuluk Yikwa is confirmed not able to get surgery because the bullet penetrated the bottom and hit the penis and injured the nerves. However, the 35 years old man is currently only need the regular treatment. “Thank God, we are so glad that the bullet is gone without surgery although doctor said he could not take any surgery. But perhaps he moved a lot, so when he went to bath room the bullet came over,” said Wenda. Yetimbuluk Yikwa is not able to speak.

When Jubi visit the victims at Men Surgery’s Room of Dok II Public Hospital, Yulianus Lambe who is studying at Cenderawasih University expected the bullet in his left tight could be immediately taken and he could go home to meet his family soon. “I hope the doctor could take away the bullet. It’s fortunate the nurses gave medicine through infus so it’s not hurt me, it’s just like bitten by ant,” he said.

Separately, the Head of Papua Health Office, dr. Aloysius Giay admitted the medical staffs at this government hospital were negligence in doing their main task. He said he would immediately coordinate with related parties in handling this case.

“It shouldn’t be happened. I hope the staffs at Dok 2 (Hospital) make coordination soon. There are some medical colleagues at Marthen Indey Hospital, Bhayangkara Hospital, Navy Hospital and so on to help,” Giay said on the same day.

Giay said in every public holiday related to religious day celebration, there is schedule arranged the day off for doctors who celebrate the day according to their faith. However, the doctors who are on holiday have obligation to give disposition to their colleagues who are working on that day. “The hospital should not lack of doctors on holiday,” he said. (Yuliana Lantipo/rom)


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